We supply a wide range of dispensing equipment. Select a brand below to read more about each product.

JetNeat – Hand-held Foamer

Available in 2 sizes: 2,5 litre jug/tank and 1,5 litre jug/tank, made of polypropylene (bumping and chemical resistant). Convenient and suitable to wash, sanitize and rinse all surfaces. Composed of a spray gun with quick connector and a venturi with chemical jug/tank. Connect to hose (tap water). Fill jug with chemical product. The solution can be then foamed on to surface and then using the rinse wand, rinse the foam off.

ProDose – Hand Pump

For controlling usage of Pot and Pan washing and sanitizing. Easy mounting. Accurate dosing. Adjustable flow rate.

ProMax – Cost effective dispensing system

Available in single product and four product models. ProMax features reducing flow restriction and maximizing performance even in lower pressure situations. Modularity for maximum versatility. Space saving design. Quick and easy installation and maintenance. Models available to fill spray bottles (4 lpm flow rate), Buckets (16 lpm flow rate) and for filling machines (30 lpm flow rate). Accurate dilution rates (external tip seat). Allows additional units to be easily added to an existing installation.


ProSink – Chemical dispensing system

Available in two models: 1 product and 2 products for filling buckets (16 lpm). Rugged stainless steel enclosure. Mixes the precise amount of detergent and sanitizer with water by turning a knob. Conveniently fills large sinks/buckets. Space saving. Quick and easy installation.