We are importers and distributors of ScopeNEXT (Pty) Ltd manually operated drum pumps.

The NX© Drum Pumps:

These pumps have only 2 working parts – 2 flap valves; which do not take any excess load or pressure. Also there is almost no mechanism to fail, jam or wear out. The NX© Drum Pumps come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty protecting against faults of any component part. NX© Drum Pumps are suitable for pumping acid, alkaline and chlorine based cleaning chemical liquids, oils and lubricants. They can also be used or pumping many crop chemicals including those containing mild solvents. In addition these drum pumps can pump Food products as the materials are all food grade approved materials.

Note: the design of these pumps makes it suitable for higher viscosity products, for example molasses. However, the NX© Drum Pumps are not warranted against misuse or for the pumping of petrol or highly flammable liquids and liquids containing strong solvents. (Patent & Copyright apply: European Patent No: 1474281; other World Patents pending)

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NX 200 Litre and 25 Litre Drum Pumps

Easy Glide Pumping Action:
The pistonless displacement method of operation means there are minimal moving
parts to inhibit the performance of the pump, with low internal friction.

Anti-drip Nozzle Feature:
Alleviates the problems of drips by simply rotating the nozzle upwards thus closing the product-flow pathway.

Continuous Dispensing Action:
The design of the NX Drum Pump helps reduce the time it takes to dispense product from the drum easily and efficiently , pumping on both “up” and “down” strokes

Excellent Chemical Resistance:
Manufactured 100% from food-grade polypropylene components and is suitable for a wide range of chemicals including oils, resins, acids, alkalis, chlorine-based, etc.

Particulates / High Viscosity:
The design of the NX pump allows particulates to be pumped without blocking, and can pump high viscosity liquids, including eg.molasses

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:
Our confidence in the product is such that we offer a full 2 Year Warranty.

Stainless Steel Drum Pump

  • Suitable for most drums
  • Designed for high resistance to most chemicals including solvents
  • Various attachment options
  • General chemical compatibility – very good






NX 200 Litre and 25 Litre Drum Pumps


Stainless Steel Drum Pumps