The water treatment equipment we supply and are able to install is as follows:

  • Cooling tower treatment equipment i.e. proportional dosing using a water meter and dosing pump, 7 day timer and pump for biocide together with total dissolved solids bleed using a conductivity controller and solenoid valve.
  • Boiler treatment equipment consisting of a variety of dosing pumps as well as boiler blow down systems using special conductivity controllers and high temperature solenoid valves.  We also supply boiler water sample coolers.
  • pH and REDOX meters and controllers for monitoring re-circulating water (such as cooling systems and fruit flumes), potable water and effluent treatment.
  • Water filters such as sand, dual-media, cartridge and bag filters. These are either off-the-shelf or designed and manufactured to specification.
  • Water softeners and de-ionisers which are off-the-shelf using Erie, Fleck and SIATA control valves, or specially designed and manufactured units.
  • Activated carbon filters for the removal of chlorine and organic material.
  • Filmtec reverse osmosis membranes which we purchase directly from the South African agents.

Portable Laboratory

This portable laboratory was designed, developed and constructed by us from scratch for the purposes of testing performance of water treatment chemicals at various sites in determining the efficacy of various treatment programmes.